Description of the System

Maatrix is a system meant for calling people, informing, approving, choosing terms, setting tasks etc. in situations when it is essential to do it “on the run”, often with many users simultaneously.

Apart for simple texting to specific users (as for instance emailing, text messaging, Instant Messaging) Maatrix Systems has the following key properties:

  • You do not decide who to address, what to send, but how and what is to be solved
  • Messages are distributed according to many prearranged communication procedures described by the BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) standard. Communication procedures can escalation or substitute key people if users are unavailable. It can respond to users’ answers and can create so called “smart procedures” etc.
  • Singular steps of the communication procedure are not directed to concrete user but to users’ roles wit help of which you can for instance address users taking in the respective moment respective position/role (e.g. doctor on a duty, workers in and a department etc.)
  • Each communication step may be directed to thousands of users simultaneously, thanks to the technology used information is transferred, even to thousands of users in seconds
  • The procedure of communication event and responses of users can be followed via the Internet on the web panel of our system
  • The communication event is called out from either the web setting or by means of an interface straight from its application
  • All the communication with clients is secure; it takes place on authorized servers via https. For individual communication steps the user’s authorization by personal id codes can be required
  • System is operated as a service running parallel in several renowned geographically separate data centers in a way that guarantees security and scalability of the whole system
  • System is prepared for global use including, for instance, different time zones etc.


System consists of two parts – Server part, which serves for administration of the system and above all for calling out and managing of all communication procedures and that is geared like a service. And a client part, which serves as communication tool for persons who are to be called, informed and who are expected to give approvals or select ETA and which is realized through a mobile phones application.

Client part - mobile applicationcontent4

Mobile application for various platforms is available for free here. Communication with user takes place on a data level, by an independent on operators. Mobile application can accept messages for users also within the wi-fi network.

Each communication with user is represented by a communication “pair” consisting of a note/information for the user and predefined response in a way that enables quick and explicit answer, both in case of emergencies or other critical situations.

Since the system is designed to enable instant responses, the incoming messages act like incoming phone calls, i.e. the user is not advised by one short sound but the mobile device "rings" as if it were an incoming phone call until the user responds.

The entire communication proceeds under a secure mode via https, as for the user response, an authorization in the form of the user´s ID code can be requested.

Since one of the basic characteristics of the system is the escalation of communicating scenarios and responding to the unavailability of users, every communication with a user has a defined maximum time (time-out) for the user´s answer. After that time the system considers the user not available and behaves accordingly.

Entire communication with the user within the frame of one event is chained to a so called “dialog” and the user has very simple overview about what has happened and when and how the user responded.

One user can use the mobile application on multiple phone devices – communication with this user is automatically synchronized on all these phones.

Compared to sending text messages or using Messaging services a mobile Maatrix client had a variety of advantages:

tab SMS m3 EN v2

Server function

The server part serves to the registration and administration of users, for the selection, adjustment and putting the service into operation, for starting communication events following their course of action and evaluation.

content5Clients can use the Maatrix System services. The service represents a prearranged communication procedure that is used for informing, calling, approving, tasking and the like. Clients who need such service can choose from predesigned templates of relevant procedures and adjust it to the needs of their specific operation.

The service is consequently started either from the web interface or from an application that has a built-in interface for starting the service. Initiating the service sets off communication event, such as are users currently assigned to relevant roles are subsequently addressed according to a prepared procedure.

The person who sets off the event has a current view of the status quo, such as which of the users have been addressed, what has been his response and how the communication event has developed. The result of the communication event can be either a uniquely determined value (for instance approved/not approved) but also various different data, depending upon the communication procedure used. These values can be available either in a visual form on the Maatrix web interface or can be delivered by means of the interface back to the application which had set off the event and the application can use it consequently for further steps.