Alert messaging

Emergency communication service

for quick solution to unexpected and expected situations.

I want the service

We do not communicate by telepathy

With all other means it works perfectly.

Maatrix messenger, SMS, artificial voice, e-mail, pager... should it be crisis – we will find the requested men/women on the end of some line. We use all the possible means.

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Sending a message is not enough

Alert messaging is much more than just the massive sending of messages.

It prepares possible answers, collects reactions, evaluates status, creates tasks and escalates information if the first contacts are not available and it has many more functions too.

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For everyone, every time and everywhere.

Maatrix is a reliable global service.

It can be launch from everywhere, from the Web or from your smartphone. It is available 24x7.

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Easy usage.

Universal service - quick and simple deployment.

A lot of communication schemes is pre-defined, others can be added, registration is easy, can be seamlessly integrated into your application. The smartphone client is free.

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Communication with many. Fast, easy, effectively. Within seconds.

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Any system can communicate with people in many ways - Maatrix messenger, SMS, email, voice message, pager... One interface, one simple step for the developer.

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Fastened response time. The fastest way of coordinated human - machine communication.

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Decision-making in critical situation. The predefined processes eliminate uncertainties, minimize mistake risk, and give reliable reaction.

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Structured communication. The easy way to obtain clear responses to the bids. To obtain answers, decisions, approvals, etc. Automatically, quickly, user friendly, accountably.

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Cost reduction of exceptional events handling, resolute proceeding, reducing no-reaction risk.



How Maatrix works


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Communication process 



 An incident occurs - security problem, accident, IT alert, exceeding permitted values. Find the possible uses here. Passing information through the API, e-mail, IoT or manually by user. Find the description of the possibilitie here.  A specific communication procedure is selected for a specific incident type that controls the transfer of information, reaction to responses, escalations and repetitions. Find the description of the communication process here.  Two-way communication with users via the Maatrix mobile application, e-mail, SMS, automatic voice messages. Find information on the mobile application here.  The outcome of the communication process contains important information about incident resolution and is available through the API or the web portal. 


How Maatrix works

What Maatrix is good for

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Quickly informing a lot of people, confirming the passed information, decision on further procedure, approving the next steps, multi-user approval - in situations such as technical incident, outage, security incident and accident and so on. 

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Maatrix mobile application

Maatrix can pass the messages via e-mail, SMS, automatic phone call or web browser...but predominantly via the Maatrix mobile application. It has several major advantages over other ways of communication.

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Unmissable acoustic alert

Comprehensive message

Choice of possible reactions

The application rings just like a phone call - keeps ringing until you open the message. You will not be missing any important information even in crisis and stress situations. For each message, the application offers possible variants of how to respond to the message. The user response is then comprehensive and assessable in any situation.
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Authorization confirmation

Remaining reaction time

Secure connection to server

The user response may require entering the PIN - you can then rely on the right person to respond to the message. Very important information about how long to wait for a user response - it then proceeds as if the message was undelivered. The server connection uses a secure https communication.


Communication process

Maatrix differs from the SMS gateways and the distribution of notification mails primarily by its communication process - that is, the procedure to follow for a particular event / incident. Unlike large calling systems, however, you do not have to design, model and set up communication techniques, but you can use one of our template procedures - and adjust it to your needs.

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Communication process - the Maatrix system service allows the following:

Message distribution

Possible responses

Reaction time

The procedure determines what information to send to what people. For each message it is possible to prepare response templates so that it is possible to answer quickly and evaluate the answer. For each message it is possible to set how long to wait for the response. After that the message will be considered undelivered and the further procedure can be decided.

Response evaluation

Course of communication

Event evaluation

For each message a rule is defined how to handle user responses – is a reaction of a single user sufficient or is a response from all awaited? Is an approval by a single person, a group or an agreement of all called persons required? Evaluation - consensus, choice of the most common answer, the right of veto? After evaluation of a message it can proceed further. This allows setting up various escalation types; additional instructions can be given to those people who have previously logged in to resolve the event and the like. The entire communication service ends with information on how the event was resolved, who resolved the event, whether the event was resolved, and so on.

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Starting the Maatrix communication

The Maatrix communication service can be started in many ways - depending on the specific purpose. As a result, the client can quickly and easily take advantage of one of the available options, while the developer has extensive APIs for preparing its own interface.

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WEB panel

URL link

Panic button



If the communication service is started by e.g. a dispatcher, he can use the web interface to easily start the service and follow the communication on-line. The Maatrix service has a URL reference (so-called "short call"), which can be used to start the service. The communications service can also be started with the SOS (panic) buttons. These can be implemented in software or the service can be connected to a mechanical starter (for example connected through IoT). If the Maatrix service is started by an application that does not have a Maatrix interface but is able to send notification emails, an e-mail address is created for the Maatrix communication service and the service is then started by an incoming e-mail to this address. The application developer can make use of an extensive API which can not only set up and start the service using the JSON format, but also inquire about the course and outcome of the communication service. Find the API description here.
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