Alert messaging

Emergency communication service

for quick solution to unexpected and expected situations.

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Prepared solving critical situations?

Reliance SCADA system IS PREPARED, now!

It is the first SCADA system ever communicating via Maatrix in critical situations.

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We do not communicate by telepathy

With all other means it works perfectly.

Maatrix messenger, SMS, artificial voice, e-mail, pager... should it be crisis – we will find the requested men/women on the end of some line. We use all the possible means.

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Sending a message is not enough

Alert messaging is much more than just the massive sending of messages.

It prepares possible answers, collects reactions, evaluates status, creates tasks and escalates information if the first contacts are not available and it has many more functions too.

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For everyone, every time and everywhere.

Maatrix is a reliable global service.

It can be launch from everywhere, from the Web or from your smartphone. It is available 24x7.

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Easy usage.

Universal service - quick and simple deployment.

A lot of communication schemes is pre-defined, others can be added, registration is easy, can be seamlessly integrated into your application. The smartphone client is free.

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Reasonable price.

If you really need the service, the price will not be an obstacle.

We offer the smartphone client free of charge, many free emergency scenarios for urgent situations, free service usage for our application partners, standard scenarios for unlimited number of users and unlimited events from 10 € per month.

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ico users v2

Communication with many. Fast, easy, effectively. Within seconds.

ico chain v2

Any system can communicate with people in many ways - Maatrix messenger, SMS, email, voice message, pager... One interface, one simple step for the developer.

ico clock v2

Fastened response time. The fastest way of coordinated human - machine communication.

ico alarm v2

Decision-making in critical situation. The predefined processes eliminate uncertainties, minimize mistake risk, and give reliable reaction.

ico data v2

Structured communication. The easy way to obtain clear responses to the bids. To obtain answers, decisions, approvals, etc. Automatically, quickly, user friendly, accountably.

ico save v2

Cost reduction of exceptional events handling, resolute proceeding, reducing no-reaction risk.

How does Maatrix work?

ico 1

Something happened

Audit system announces an incident, SCADA found a critical overflow, there is system crash, the security is not secure anymore, there is mass accident, next steps need instant approval, the key staff member is not on place – you need a replacement, huge amount of people need to be informed about something, coordinated decision is needed just now... 


ico 2

Maatrix is informed

By Maatrix web pages or by e-mail, via SMS, by pressing panic button - or by the API. The info about the event goes to Maatrix.


ico 3

The communication service is launched

There is the scenario for any class of the events in Maatrix. It defines the steps, the groups of people or the individuals to talk to, the messages, the canned answers. The next steps depend on the results and other circumstances. It can then escalate the solution, ask for approvals, gather additional information if needed etc. 


ico 4

Communication is on the way

System communicates with given people, possibly in many channels. It knows which people to talk to, what appeals to give, what are the possible answers. The individual dialogs can use one or many channels, from the dedicated Maatrix messenger (smartphone application), SMS, e-mails, web pages, or voice messages. Every user can register any number of “devices”, to use for the given communication. Do you want to try a DEMO message for the Maatrix messenger? 


ico 5

Final evaluation, through information

Maatrix evaluates the user responses during the communication process. The status rapports are thus available on-line on the service web portal. The process end evaluates the proceedings. Maatrix knows about the success or trouble. Did the requested amount of people promised to come? Will the incident be solved? What is the decision – and is there any? All needed details are available to approved people, instantly and all the time.



systemToMaatrix3 sl


Pager for your systems

Maatrix with your smartphone create modern smart pager. Your IT system can effectively communicate with people – even if they are actually not sitting in front of their laptops.

Use Cases


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Effective notification

Would you use e-mail, SMS, in-house mobile app ... or Maatrix?

We have created a versatile mobile application - Maatrix messenger – it is dedicated to urgent communication. It enables the most effective way of individual or massive communication in urgent situations

Maatrix system can also use other means – e-mail, SMS, artificial voice, web pages. It depends on the user to register any number of the “devices”. We not only announce, we also always provide a way to respond.





Data centers, industry companies, critical technology users, hospitals, but also sporting clubs or communities, it is a short selection of a broad list of Maatrix users. Learn more...


You can obtain the service, configure it, launch the processes, whenever, using number of approaches – from computer to smartphone. The system is ready for global usage. Learn more...

Support.We are aware that our service is targeted for comprehensive help in emergency situations and thus needs appropriate support. We are at your disposal 24x7.


The mobile application is simple and intuitive. It is available for Android and iOS. You can get it, including the user manual. here for free.